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Singapore Ryzen Cloud Servers

Singapore Ryzen 9 VPS Hosting

Easily scalable and shareable Ryzen 9 VPS Hosting in Singapore. The networking infrastructure offers customers 1Gbps networking on the high performance Ryzen 9 architecture. Plans start at £3.50/mo and we can support network configurations up to 10Gbps.

Monthly Plan
Yearly Plan
Package CPU, RAM Storage Network CPU Price Order
Package nameStarter CPU, RAM 2vCore, 1GB RAM Storage 20GB NVMe SSD Network 500mbps Unmetered CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5900x Price£3.50/mo£42.00/yr Order Now

Package nameSmall CPU, RAM 4vCore, 4GB RAM Storage 40GB NVMe SSD Network 1Gbps Unmetered CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5900x Price£6.50/mo£72.00/yr Order Now

Package nameMedium CPU, RAM 4vCore, 8GB RAM Storage 80GB NVMe SSD Network 1Gbps Unmetered CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5900x Price£12.50/mo£150.00/yr Order Now

Package nameLarge CPU, RAM 6vCore, 16GB RAM Storage 160GB NVMe SSD Network 1Gbps Unmetered CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5900x Price£30.00/mo£360.00/yr Order Now

Package nameExterprise CPU, RAM 8vCore, 32GB RAM Storage 240GB NVMe SSD Network 1Gbps Unmetered CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5900x Price£60.00/mo£720.00/yr Order Now

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Windows & Linux

Supporting all major Linux Distributions and Windows Server Versions.

ubuntu server VPS
windows server VPS
rocky linux VPS
debian VPS
centos VPS
fedora VPS
Why choose us

Hosting Features

free cloud vps backups

Free Backups

Access your backups and instantly restore on demand. Our system backs up to 2 offsite locations and you can setup a backup plan via your control panel at any time. Backups are kept on a 10 day retention.

Enterprise Networking

We operate AS216091 and the prefixes within, and pair this with high performance networking technology to offer our customers fully 1Gbps networking to all of our servers.

VirtFusion VPS

Easily setup and configure your VPS / Cloud Server at any time from our mobile friendly Control Panel. We also support RDNS and IPv6 for some of our servers.

DDoS Protection

Protection is included for free on all of our Ryzen 9 VPS's and is provided by the OVH Network. We can provide DDoS Attack logs on request and also work with you to ensure you have the best firewall rules and filters in place.

24/7 uk cloud support

24/7 UK Support

Every single one of our customers gets dedicated support in under 30 minutes 24/7. Ensuring uptime to your mission critical systems and assets and supporting where needed is absolutely essential to us, and we'll support you the entire way.


Instant Service Setup

Unlike most other providers, we don't activate services on a schedule or "cron". Instead, we instantly validate and activate the service giving you instant access to your resources. From order, you can be online within 1 minute of payment.


VirtFusion Dashboard

Easily manage your services from the most advanced VPS Control Panel the industry has seen yet. This powerful system can be instatly scaled to fit any sort of environment, from testing and lab work to reselling VPS's as a business.

Network Testing

LookingGlass Network Testing

Ever wonder what our Ryzen Cloud VPS lineup in Singapore has to offer in terms of networking? Access our Networking Test tools at any time to get a quick overview of how we operate our networks.

Test Network
Do you have

Any questions?

What is the VPS Connection Latency?

You may test our network connection via the below Looking Glass Network Monitoring Tool:

Can I bring my own IP Range?

You can bring your own IPv4 ranges in blocks of /24.

What network configurations do you offer?

VPS Hosting Solutions offers network speeds ranging from 500Mbps to 20Gbps VPS's for our enterprise customers.

Can I choose my Operating System?

All of the major Linux Distributions are included at a press of a button, and we've also added Windows Server OS's which have been optimized to save CPU and RAM usage out of the box.

Can I host a GRE Tunnel?

Hosting GRE Tunnels on our services for DDoS Protection purposes is absolutely allowed.

What Control Panel is included?

The VirtFusion Control Panel is our panel of choice due to its modern design and jaw dropping features.

How long are Support Response times?

You'll be waiting about 30 minutes for a reply on average!

What DDoS Protection is included

We're currently routing through OVH at our Singapore location for DDoS Protection, however our UK Facility on the other hand has premium protection directly from our colocation supplier, Vantage Data Centres [CWL1]

Does price ever change?

We are fully transparent, and what you see is what you get. All pricing includes VAT and we do not generate random unexpected costs.

How long do services take to activate?

Unlike most providers, we don't activate services on a cron or schedule, meaning the second you place and pay for the order it becomes active and is instantly deployed.

Contact Us

Should you require a larger configuration, or simply want to chat about your options, please do let us know!